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Scam 1

Medina County Residents have been receiving letters in the mail claiming that they have won a prize. Included with the letter is a check. The sender advises the check is for taxes that need to be paid before the prize is sent. The letter also gives a name and telephone number of a claims agent to call for further instructions.

Sheriff Miller recommends not cashing or depositing the check into your bank. It takes weeks for the bank to process this type of check, which will return as a bad check. You would then be responsible for reimbursing the bank for the cost of the check and any bad check fees. You would also lose the money that you paid back to the company for what they claimed were taxes on your prize, which they will never send you.

Sheriff Miller recommends that you do not respond to any letters requiring you to cash checks and return money to pay for prize fees. You can call the Sheriff's Crime Prevention Office at (330)764-3618 with questions.


Scam 2

Medina County residents are receiving telephone calls from businesses claiming to be from credit card companies. They are requiring the resident to enter their credit card number, or their credit card account would be deactivated. The Sheriff recommends that you never give your credit card number or social security number to anyone who calls you. If you have a concern about your credit card, call the telephone number listed on the back of your credit card.

The Sheriff recommends when shopping this holiday season to take only the cards with you that you will need. Keep copies of the front and back of your cards secured at home. If any cards are lost or stolen, you will have the information needed to report your cards missing and to cancel them.

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