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How can I set up an appointment?

To schedule an appointment, click on the link below.  Appointments are no longer scheduled over the phone.

What is WebCheck and how does it work?

WebCheck electronically transfers fingerprints and other data from the inquiring agency to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation.  This new technology speeds up background checks by the use of a Fingerprint Scanner and an Ohio Driver's License or Ohio identification card with the magnetic strip, connected to the WebCheck System.  The computer then sends all information over the Internet to BCI&I computer center, which automatically compares the information against the fingerprints and criminal histories stored in the Ohio Automated Fingerprint Identification System database.

When will the results be available?

Usually, within two business days the requesting agencies will receive the results of their background check requests.  This eliminates a 30-45 day waiting period for fingerprint results, that have been previously mailed to BCI&I.

Who will get the results?

The results will be mailed to the employing agency by BCI&I.

How would this benefit my agency?

With faster results, critical decisions about hiring can be made by schools and other agencies within 2-3 business days with confidence.

Who should take advantage of WEBCHECK?

Employers that hire persons that directly come in contact with children and the elderly.

Is there a charge to participate?

The Medina County Sheriff's Office incurs a fee from the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation for each WebCheck background check that we conduct.  We also incur a maintenance fee for each check processed.  The total fees that we incur are passed on to anyone wishing to participate. The cost for a WebCheck is (BCI only) $27.00 or (FBI only) $29.00.  Those persons not residents of Ohio for at least five years must have a BCI/FBI (BFBI) check.  The cost for this is $51.00.  Also, you must bring a check or money order. 


Where can this crucial check be conducted?

These checks are conducted at the Medina County Jail, located at 555 Independence Drive, Medina, Ohio  44256.  They are conducted by appointment only,

Required criteria:

There are certain criteria that must occur prior to sending someone to be printed.  The person that has to be fingerprinted must have a valid Ohio Driver's License or current Ohio Identification card issued by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  They must also be an Ohio resident for at least five years.  They must be at least eighteen years of age.  No WebCheck can be conducted without the proper identification. 


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