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What You Need to Know if You Have Time to Serve at the Medina County Jail  

If you are required to serve time at the Medina County Jail, do not bring any additional personal items with you (ex: books, cigarettes, jewelry, etc.).  Everything you will need will be provided. Inmates, male or female, are not permitted to keep their personal white or colored undergarments. We will issue (1) pair of panties, (1) sports bra and (1) pair of socks to females, or (1) pair of boxers and (1) pair of socks to males upon intake and after they have been assigned a cell.

Please use the following guidance in personal items allowed or not allowed listed below.

Items Allowed:
Prescribed medication in your name (to be considered by our medical department).
Legal documents pending to your case (to be inspected by jail staff).
Wallet with ID and Insurance Card.
Cash (will be added to your commissary account and it will be issued on a debit card upon release).

Items Not Allowed:
Personal books, magazines, pictures.
Any form of weapon, to include pocket knives.

If you wish to add funds to your commissary account to purchase items such as hygiene items, food items, clothing items, writing materials and phone cards from the jail, a TouchPay Kiosk is located in the lobby of the Medina County Jail. It accepts all US cash bill denominations and Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards. All outgoing phone calls are made by calling collect or by using a phone card, which is purchased through the jail commissary.  If your family or friends wish to add money to your commissary account, they may do so by clicking on the TouchPay icon on the home page of this website.

Once an inmate is classified by the jail staff, he or she will be permitted to sign up family and friends for visitation.  The inmate is required to sign-up visitors 48 hours in advance of a scheduled visit, with a limit of two visitors.  All visitors must be a minimum of 18 years of age or accompanied by an adult. We do not schedule visitations over the phone. It is the inmate's responsibility to contact the family member or friend and to schedule the visitation.

Inmates are permitted to receive daily mail, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays), while incarcerated at the Medina County Jail.  Saturday's mail will be processed on Monday by the Inmate Service Office.  There is a limit of five photographs allowed in the housing unit.  No nudity or obscene/unethical photos are permitted which will be subject to Inmate Services discretion.  Those individuals sending mail to inmates incarcerated at the Medina County Jail, please print your return address on the envelope because all stickers, labels and postage stamps will be torn off and thrown out.

If you are on any type of medications, you should bring them with you, in their issued container, along with your insurance card and physician's phone number to be reviewed by medical/mental health staff.  No unauthorized prescriptions or medications are permitted.

If you are uncertain on any of these issues, you may contact the Inmate Services Office at (330) 764-3660.


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